Starvation Heights

Starvation Heights is the name for a retreat that claimed to be able to cure near any ailment. It’s name back in the 1890s and until 1912 was the Wilderness Heights Sanitarium. It’s located in Olalla and was run by Linda Burfield Hazzard, who proscribed fasting as a cure. Patients ate a small bowl of tomato or asparagus soup everyday for 40 days or more. Long walks, enemas and massages were also part of the treatment. Patients would lose their strength and weight and a lot died. It’s speculated that 40 or more people died at the facility. Hazzard rarely filed death certificates and it’s suspected that she dumped bodies nearby.

Patients were free to leave, but few ever did. She believed so much in her cure that she became ill and died while practicing her fasts.

~ by accordingtoleanne on October 30, 2010.

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