Psycho Killers

Washington state is unfortunately prolific in stories about serial killers. Three of the most famous are The Green River Killer, Ted Bundy and Billy Ghol.

The Green River Killer, AKA Gary Leon Ridgeway was sentenced 48 consecutive life sentences, one for each of his victims. His victims were mostly prostitutes and strangled to death before being dumped either in the river or in clusters. Before going into solitary confinement to serve his terms, the families of the victims were allowed 3 hours to address him. It was his last contact before his permanent stay in solitary.

Ted Bundy started killing here in Washington, beating 11 women to death. He kidnapped young women from campuses in the area by asking for help. He even would wear a cast to appear in need. He was finally put to death in Florida in 1989.

Billy Ghol worked for Union Pacific helping sailors and workers with mail, work and banking in the early 1900s. He was considered trustworthy, but he killed and dumped 124 men into Gray’s Harbor. All of the victims appeared to have been killed while drunk and were stripped of all their valueables. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison in 1910, but died of complications from syphilis in 1927.

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