Mel’s Hole

Near Ellensburg, there is allegedly a 15 mile deep hole that measured 9 feet across. He went on a radio show called Coast to Coast AM in 1997 and made several claims about the mystical properties of the hole. In 2008, a medicine man called Red Elk went on the show telling about his visit to the hole. He estimated it as, “around 9 ft. in circumference and somewhere between 24–28 miles deep” and theorized that it was a blow hole for Mount Rainier.

Mel has never revealed the exact location of the hole, but people continually hunt for it and are egged on my a seemingly conspiracy-laden blank on the satellite images of the area.

The significance of Mel’s Hole is that it could very well be the world’s deepest volcanic vent hole or lava tube.

~ by accordingtoleanne on October 26, 2010.

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