Hale’s Ales

Hale’s Ales gets an F from me. I gave them two chances to deliver an acceptable dinner and they blew it big time on both occasions. The first time we got a sampler of beers that weren’t too bad, but nothing to write home about, I got a Caesar salad that was passable and Cabo got Bangers and Mash. They really blew it with the bangers and mash. Holy crap, how hard is it to make mashed potatoes?! The portion was stupidly small and the potatoes somehow managed to be both gritty and runny. The bangers were just kind of there. The service was acceptable, but we’ve had better at Denny’s. Today they pissed me off to the point that we walked out without paying. We sat in the bar, ordered our drinks and our waiter completely disappeared. When he came back, we kept looking at him expectantly and even raised our hands hoping to place our food order. I gave him 4 tries to come and say anything to us before I finally gave up. He kept looking at us, making eye-contact and then walking away. I wrote them a note on their menu that they had terrible service and that we wouldn’t be back and we went to have dinner at Silver City (their direct competitor across the parking lot). I would normally give them a third chance, but I think the bad food, bad service and mediocre beer will continue to suck.

~ by accordingtoleanne on July 19, 2010.

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