100 Ways to Shake up your Life

1. Write a novel: I’m hoping to write a book someday, but I haven’t found my basis yet.

2. Strip: Our neighbor and I have been talking about taking a strip class once we get time and money.

3. Catch a big fish: I can’t wait to get fishing this year. Hopefully I will catch a big’un! I get excited over catching any size fish anyhow.

4. Learn a foreign language: Do Spanish and Sign Language count? I took them in school, but I chose Sign Language for personal reasons. Check.

5. Witness Childbirth: I’m not sure how I’ll do that, unless I have a mirror in a few years. Maybe I can see some kittens being born.

6. Join an ambulance crew: I considered being an EMT in college, but I have an aversion to needles, so I don’t think I’ll be going for this one

7. Learn to surf: I should, but I probably won’t. Knee boarding is as close as I’ve gotten. 

8. Audition for something nerve racking: I did Karaoke at a bar and I’m calling that a check off this list. It was terrifying and I didn’t do well. Check.

9. Join a relief effort: I’m adding this one. I haven’t helped with anything aside from Sumatra and Animal issues.

10. Get a tattoo: Done it! Check. Hoping to get more!

11. Enter a poker tournament: Eh, not so into this one.

12. Run for office: Not that there was competition, but I won the vice-presidency of our home owners’ association. Check.

13. Brew your own beer: I’d love to. I am definitely adding this one to my list.

14. Do a polar bear swim: I did this as a kid, so Check, I think.

15. Drastically change your hairstyle: Done it! Got purple streaks like I’d wanted since High School.Check.

16. Bake a wedding cake: I’m going to do it! Maybe not a wedding cake, but I’m going to make a 3 tier fancy cake.

17. Go horseback riding, bareback: I used to work with horses at the day camp I worked with, so Check.

18. Launch your own website: You’re looking at it! Check.

19. Join a cattle drive: I want to. Just have to figure out how.

20. Build your own piece of furniture: I’ve made a jewelry box and a cabinet. Both were awesome to make and making things is always satisfying. Check!

21. Organize a rally: I’m not so into this one, but ok.

22. Get hypnotized: It sounds like it could be fun, but what to be hypnotized for.

23. Learn trapeze: uhhhh…can I call it rock climbing instead? Check.

24. Go commando: Done it. Check.

25. Visit an ashram: I’ve been to an ashram and a shinto shrine. Booyah! Check.

26. Shoot a gun: Heck yeah. Check.

27. Record your own music: I’ve recorded Christmas carols for family. Check.

28. Buy yourself a sex toy: I suppose I could use the excuse that I had to do product reviews for work, so check.

29. Take a lover: I have a lover/partner. Check.

30. Hike Machu Picchu: I’m not sure about this one, but I think I’d like to go to Yellowstone instead.

31. Have nude pictures taken: Check.

32. Have a cosmetic surgery procedure: I don’t think I’ll ever do more than my braces and a bleach treatment.

33. Drive over 100 miles per hour: Done it. Sorry. Check.

34. Learn and exotic dance: I half know tango, salsa and swing. Check.

35. Swim with sea creatures: I want to. As long as they aren’t sharks.

36. Dive off a cliff: Done it! Santa Rosa. College. Check.

37. Sneak backstage: I could and I will.

38. Spelunk: Done it. Carlsbad Caverns, an adventure with some campers and a few times with Graham. Check.

39. Create a sacred space: My sacred space is in a book. I can always escape into a story. Check.

40. Learn to sail: I’ve been sailing! I’m calling that good enough. Check.

41. Take up an instrument: I tried guitar and failed miserably. Check.

42. Leave your marriage: Never been married, but I plan to only marry once. I’m a big believer in til death.

43. Start your own business: Writing and working from home has been different, especially filing a business tax return. Check

44. Ask someone out: I’ve asked a number of people out in my life. Check.

45. Make over a room: How about a whole house? Check.

46. Hire a personal shopper: I think people need to hire me as a personal shopper.

47. Make a big move: I’ve made 2 big ones in my life. New Hampshire to New Mexico, then New Mexico to Washington. Check.

48. Conquer a fear: I could work on my fears, but I think it’s easier to avoid spiders, needles and dinosaurs.

49. Skydive: I’ve always wanted to skydive and I think it conquers a fear, so I’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

50. Eat something really weird: I ate fried chicken hearts. I was weird. Check.

51. Become a bartender or sommelier: I considered being a bartender after college. I’d much rather make the alcohol.

52. Tell someone to screw off: I’m usually too nice to do this one, so I let Cabo do it for me. Check.

53. Take singing lessons: Choir all the way! Check.

54. Switch careers/go back to school: Maybe in a little while. I wouldn’t mind writing full time.

55. Learn to box: Keith showed me some punches the other night, so check.

56. Get a makeover: Please! Someone make me over!

57. Buy something outrageously expensive: I think I have in the past, but for a future stupid expensive thing, I’d love to get a nice pair of leopard print heels.

58. Escape (for the day, weekend or week): Cabo and I escape as often as possible. Check!

59. Kiss a total stranger: I actually don’t think I’ve done or will do this one.

60. Bike across America: I’ll drive thanks.

61. Play in the snow: Every time it snows! Check.

62. Ride in a fire truck: I’d love to, but I don’t know how I’ll talk them into it.

63. Watch porn: Check. Of course.

64. Skinny dip: I got halfway. Undies and tshirt that ended up see-through? Half-check.

65. Break a long held tradition: I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving for the first time this last year, so Check.

66. Join the peace corps: Nah. I’m not into that one.

67. Plan a girls’ vacation: I’m not into girls stuff. But I’ll go for a vacation!

68. Learn survival skills: I taught them at Starfire. Uber-check.

69. Paint your house a wild color: I wish! Unfortunately our HOA makes us keep them the same. 😦

70. Try high stakes gambling: High stakes gambling to me  is $40 on slots. Check.

71. Play ice hockey: Ha! That’d be funny for everyone else. I tried to figure skate without training once…that was bad. Check.

72. Throw and all-girls party: I’ve been to one and that’s enough for me. Check.

73. Make a sex tape: Ok. I will. Someday. Maybe when I’m married and we’re bored out of our minds.

74. Learn to drive: Check. I even learned stick.

75. Lie about something: I’ve lied about too much in my life. Check, but no more of that.

76. Go topless: I tanned on the roof topless once. It was bad, but check.

77. Scuba dive: I’d love to. Especially somewhere tropical.

78. Get a brazilian wax: I’m calling brow and lip waxing enough torture for me. Check.

79. Use food as foreplay: Food is the main event. Just kidding. Check.

81. Start a charity: I could. I want to start a cat sanctuary.

82. Find love online: I did! Craigslist counts right? Check.

83. Go to burning man: I don’t even know what burning man is, so I should probably add this to my list.

84. Plan and prepare a seduction dinner: Tried it and he dumped me that night. Check, I guess.

85. Quit smoking: I don’t smoke and don’t plan to, so no.

86. Read the classics: I read a bunch of them in school. I may add more to my mental library though. Check.

87. Blow glass: DONE IT! Highly recommended! Check.

88. Get a pilots license: I’d rather pay someone to fly while I sleep.

89. Spend 24 hours in bed: I did this when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and it sucked. I’m sure I’ve done it at other points when I was sick. Check.

90. Lose 50 plus pounds: I could, but I enjoy eating entirely too much. No go.

91. Take a year off: Ha! Who does this? How about I save up until I’m 65, then I’ll take 20 off.

92. Have a baby late in life: I can’t say whether I’ll have a baby late or early. I don’t think I want one late in life, so no deal.

93. Live with less: I’ve done it to an uncomfortable level, but I still hold onto a ‘waste not, want not’ philosophy. Check.

94. Mount an art exhibit: Hmm…can I just go to a bunch of them? I was part of an art exhibit, so Check.

95. Find religion: I’ve found lots of religions. I put most of them back and built my own. Check.

96. Bungee jump: Also needs to go on my list! I need to find out if I can with my back (scoliosis).

97. Sleep with a younger man: I’ve done this too, but it weirds me out, so I went back to old guys 😉 Check.

98. Buy a negligee: I used to work at a lingerie store. Multiple check.

99. Blow off the day: I actually do this fairly often… Check.

100. Make your own list: I’m on it, but I’ll be adding as I go.  Check.

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 4, 2010.

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  1. Loved reading this..

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