WalMart shoppers… *rolls eyes*

I just found a couple new examples of WalMart stupidity today. On our way in, we noticed a car smoking a bit (the inside of the car was also filled with smoke). At checkout they announced that the owner needed to come up to the front. We went back out to our car and saw that the car was now smoking quite profusely. An employee came out and tried the doors and poked around a bit while the car continued to smoke and fume worse and worse.

We decided to call the fire department because the car was looking to explode into flame at any minute. Within a few seconds, we heard the sirens and they pulled up to the car. A few shoppers had parked nearby, but noticed the car and moved. When the fire truck pulled up and the driver was starting to get out, a guy in a suburban backed out of his space, preventing the driver from getting out of the truck. I was pretty amazed at how stupid that was, but I was in for more amazement. Another shopper pulls in right next to the smoking car, gets out, locks the door and walks away. The firefighters are by this point in full gear and pulling tools and hoses off the truck, but the guy goes about his business.

Eventually the owner of the car finally comes out before the firefighters get to using bolt cutters to get under the hood. She opens the car for them and they pop the hood. More smoke. They spray the engine with the fire hose and get smoke/steam to rise above WalMart’s roof. Disaster somewhat averted.

We got to see one last act of stupidity before we decided to head home. A couple came out of the store, walked past the fire trucks and everything, got in their car and backed out so that they would have to pass the fire trucks that we partially blocking that row. The guy rolls down his window and shouts at a firefighter to close the door to the cab so he can get by. He seemed genuinely inconvenienced. What a douche. He could have backed up and gone the other way, but no. He was more important than anyone else. “Excuse me, fire-fighter, busy fighting fire, you are blocking me from going the way I feel like right now, could you drop what you’re doing?” Idiot.

Unfortunately I have no video because my camera was charging 😦

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 22, 2010.

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