Save the Males

I just read a book called Save the Males and it had a very interesting perspective on men and feminism. It was written by a woman in defense of men because she is a wife and mother and does not like to see them put down and discriminated against. This book covered a lot of issues men face and inequities that exist between men and women.

I especially relate to this because I see a lot of how unfair systems are to certain individuals, particularly white males. I also am irritated by super feminists that think they should have the advantage. What we have come to is a system where women are held above men and allowed privileges that men are not. I’m all for equality, but it seems that feminists won’t settle for equal, they want it all.

The book offered a lot of examples where women are given favor over men. One especially interesting point is that if a man gets a woman pregnant he is obligated to pay child support, while if he donates to a sperm bank and creates a child, he is not. I think this is interesting because donating to a sperm bank is for the express purpose of making a child, but he may not intend to impregnate a woman he is sleeping with. She goes on to discuss abortion and men’s input limits on it, but I don’t necessarily agree with her there.

She also discusses the mentality that men are bad or can be bad. She gives examples of how an accusation of rape or abuse is usually enough to procure a restraining order, cause for possible arrest and imprisonment. She implies that, were the tables turned, women would have more due process with the law. I tend to agree with her. Because of a few bad men, most have become demonized in society. People look upon men with children with suspicion. Men are aware of this too. Notice that the number of male teachers seems to be going down. I think men feel like there is risk involved with dealing with children at all because of how sensationalized the issue has become. I know personally, my fiancé loves his Godson and his family, but does not feel that he can show that because it is unacceptable or inappropriate for a grown man to take interest in a young girl. Because of this, he will not go to her soccer games without me, won’t carry her picture in his wallet (I carry it, however) and generally avoids paying too much attention to her. I think that it’s sad that a man can’t show support for a child without fear of being labeled a monster. There are bad men out there, but a vast majority of them do not deserve to be treated this way.

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 20, 2010.

One Response to “Save the Males”

  1. Dear Leanne :

    How nice to have a breath of fresh air in this Feminists Forrest of Fury.


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