Little known facts about me:

I have never had a nose bleed
I have never fainted
I have never had chicken pox or the vaccine
I hate beans and refuse to eat them
I hate pink
I don’t like chocolate
I love cheese. All kinds of cheese.
I love ketchup but hate tomatoes
I never wear white
I prefer trucks
I have an unnatural love for my cat
I am allergic to Irish Spring soap
I wear makeup only a few times a year
I cannot stand people who wear too much perfume
Basically the only antibiotic I am not allergic to is penicillin
I have an extra tear duct
I write for tattoo magazines, but only have one tattoo
I don’t take compliments well
I don’t drink coffee, but always have to start my day with sugar
I don’t get along with women in general
I am a home-body

~ by accordingtoleanne on January 3, 2010.

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