World Records for Body Modification

Need a little extra boost for your shop? Why not try breaking a world record? There are several records to try for, but you can always think up a new one.

Lucky Diamond Rich of New Zealand currently holds the World Record for most tattooed person with over 1,000 hours of tattoo work covering 100% of his body including his eyelids, between his toes, gums and inside of his foreskin. He is now being tattooed with white designs on top of the black and color on top of the white.

The most tattooed senior woman is Isobel Varley of England. She started being tattooed in 1986 when she was 49 years old and kept getting them for nearly 11 years. She is now 72 and considering getting the remaining bits of skin finished. She has also gotten a number of piercings above and below the waist, because, she said, she wanted to jingle when she walked.

Charlie Wilson pierced Kam Ma 1015 times in 7 hours and 55 minutes at Sunderland Body Art in 2006. In a similar record, Robert Jesus Rubio had 900 18-gauge surgical needles inserted into his body in 2008.

If you don’t want to go for a world’s most record, you could try for a world’s first. Mario Barth of Starlight tattoo holds the record for first in-flight tattoo. Barth tattooed Tommy Lee of Motley Crue en route to the 23rd Annual Winter Music Conference in Miami.

The record for the longest tattoo session belongs to Stephen Grady and Melanie Grieveson for a session lasting 43 hours and 50 minutes at Twin City Tattoo in Australia.
In an attempt to break the longest session record, Jeff Watts made one. He attempted to tattoo for 50 hours straight, but received the record for “longest tattooing session done in five-hour or more increments.” He was forced to stop when his heart rate and blood pressure became dangerously high.
Most tattoos inked in 24 hours is by far the most frequent record to be attempted. In June of 2008 Oliver Peck broke the record with 415. His reign lasted until October when Derek Kastining overtook him with 726. John McManus took up the gauntlet next with 775 only to be overtaken that same month by Hollis Cantrell with 801 tattoos in 24 hours. Cantrell holds the record for now.

If you want to try for a record yourself, go to

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