An Interesting Question about Gun rights

There’s a news story going around locally about a man who called the police after he discovered his home had been broken into and ended up getting arrested. The man apparently had a felony from 20 years previous (when he was 18, a B & E at a high school) and the police found his wife’s firearms on the property and arrested the man. Now, Washington is a community property state, but the story says she owned the guns before they were married. I think this is a pretty interesting case. It would seem that a few details have muddied the water a bit.

  1. I believe most criminal records are (or should be) sealed or expunged at 18, or at least the felony point taken off his record after 20 years.
  2. The guns appear to be the property of the wife and not subject to community property because she owned them before the marriage.
  3. Although he had to give up his right to arms, his wife still retains her right regardless of marrying a felon.

It’ll be interesting to see how this case unfolds. It raises a question about whether people living with felons should be able to own firearms. This case also may shed some light on where our rights to firearms really stand. Regardless of how this goes in court, I think we should all think about how a situation like this could affect us and our rights.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 24, 2009.

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