Abortion posters

I am so tired of having to look at huge posters of aborted fetuses as I’m driving along minding my own business. I understand the views of the pro-lifers, but I, personally, do not want to have to look at something I consider obscene. I feel that the signs violate my rights by forcing obscene images on me. I also consider people who have kids in their car who have to see those images and how angry it must make them that their child is exposed to something so graphic. We put ratings on our music, movies and pornographic materials because they are obscene and not fit for all viewers. How is it that these people are allowed to wave these signs on the street?

I know someone is going to say something about ‘free speech’ or ‘freedom of the media’ but I’m going to say that I have rights too and I feel they are being violated. I consider it the same as someone splicing a scene from Pulp Fiction into a theater showing of The Little Mermaid. Public areas should have a G rating, for general, but these R images are being shown where people of any age can see them.

My other beef with these people is that they seem to enjoy riling people and then acting the victim when someone loses their temper with them. I know that if I was driving by and my kid saw one of those posters and got nightmares from it, I’d be hard pressed not to go back and talk to the people about it. The whole thing makes me so angry I can’t even stand it.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Abortion posters”

  1. If awareness is to be created, e mail such pics, or post them in blogs. There is no need to give a printed version of them in public places.

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  3. are you as angry about the babies that are dead?
    That is abortion, and while I tend to agree with you, they should not be in the streets so kids do not see them, I just wonder if you have as much outrage at the actual abortions that to what you see to babies.

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