Hootie LOVES zip-ties. Any size, shape or color, he loves them all. He is a collector and a fine one at that. When his affinity first started, he just played with them in the garage. As it progressed, he began bringing them to me in bed. For awhile, I’d wake up covered in zip-ties with him snoozing quite pleased with himself in the middle of it all. His love hasn’t diminished a bit. We had to stop him from taking the zip-ties from the garage because daddy needed them and Hootie had started chewing them off the things they were holding. I brought him a package of dollar store zip-ties of all colors and sizes. He was in heaven. I don’t think I’ll ever find them all, he’s got them stashed all over the house. Apparently he will have one if he’s ever in a pinch. We joked about him hunting the ties in the zip jungle and bringing them to us as proudly as if it were a nice fat mouse. He doesn’t care. He loves them no matter what anyone says or thinks. He likes his catnip and scratchers and toys with feathers, but there’s nothing quite like a zip-tie. Most cat owners are aware that money spent on the cute (and ridiculously expensive) is mostly wasted since their pet usually is more interested in the packaging (or the paper bag everything came home in). They can be quite trashy little buggers.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 17, 2009.

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