Potty training my two year old

Hootie turned two in July and that’s about when his potty troubles started. Before this, he’d always been practically religious about using his box. I’d never known him to make messes in the house. At some point, however, he decided he didn’t like using the box anymore. He started peeing on the landings of our stairs. I didn’t realize this right away. I thought the urine smell was from the previous dogs that lived in the house and habitually peed on the carpet. I figured the heat must be releasing the smell. I febreezed and vacuumed and powdered my heart out. When that failed to make any difference, I shampooed the stairs. That helped for a few days.

After spending a small fortune trying to get this phantom smell that kept coming and going out of our carpet, I caught him red-handed. I was so shocked and mad I didn’t know what to do. Here I was trying to get this smell out only to have Hootie prance by and pee again! I could have killed him. Instead, I tried discipline. I told him firmly no and every time he did it, I carried him up to his box. Finally I decided that he must still smell the old spots, so I pulled all the carpet up and installed hardwood. The problem persisted.

He now has 3 spots that he regularly pees. He has stopped using his litter box to pee altogether. I tried everything I could think of. I changed his litter, checked his food, blocked his preferred spots, tried to eliminate stress, but none of it seems to be the problem. I have come to the conclusion that he pees because he’s mad that I won’t let him outside. I used to let him out in the backyard, but he started escaping and picking fights with the neighbor cat, besides it’s too cold to go out now anyway. He and I have come to a semi-solution. I have taped puppy training pads to the walls and floor where he likes to pee, he pees, I throw away the pee pad and put down a new one. It sure beats pulling up the hardwood and cleaning the soaked plywood underneath everyday. Yes. I have a neurotic animal. We make it work.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 17, 2009.

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