Hootie is a funny cat, he rarely ever gets sick to his stomach like a lot of cats. In fact, he’s only spit up 3 times in his 2 years. Once, it was just some water, not sure what that was about, but no big deal. The second time, it was a lot of food he had just eaten and the third looked like he had gotten into his milk after letting it sit all day. Now, this isn’t to out of the ordinary. Some cats get sick a lot, some almost never.

What sets Hootie apart in my mind is his style. He always, without fail, throws up in a prominent place with flair. I never see or hear him do it, I just find it later. The first occasion wasn’t that spectacular, but he threw up in the bathtub, easy to clean up, thanks buddy! The second one is my favorite (if one can have a favorite pile of puke). He somehow threw up in a perfect formation on the window sill so that I would see it as I went to pick out clothes for the day. He even trotted in front of me to show me. I can’t tell if he’s proud of these feats or if he’s just trying to make less of a mess and make it easy to find and clean up. I was really impressed with the windowsill though. I couldn’t have done it. I even called Sergio in to look at it. He wasn’t nearly as impressed. The last time was just about a week ago. I’m still not sure how he did it without waking me up, but he threw up on a sweatshirt that I had worn the previous day and had laid on the bed before going to sleep. As a long time cat owner, the sound of retching could pull me out of the deepest slumber, but somehow I slept through this episode. Anyhow, I just threw the sweatshirt in the hamper and that was that. I don’t know if other cats do this or why he seems to make his accidents as convenient as possible to clean up, but it’s another quirk of my sweet baby love.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 14, 2009.

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