Giving trees

I always try to stop at the mall during the holidays and pick up a tag or two from the giving trees they have set up. This year, I chose two; one from a 10 year old boy asking for “any board game” and one from a 10 year old girl asking for “a cooking apron”. I’ve got their gifts all ready to take back to the mall and give to the Salvation Army people, but I still feel like I haven’t done enough. I’m tempted to get a few more tags.

I have one problem with this whole giving tree thing. As I was going through all the tags on the tree, I kept coming across ones asking for gift cards, CD players, DVD players, IPODs, Video game systems and things like that. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask for them, but I feel like if these kids truly are needy, they should be a little more humble in the things they ask for. Besides, once you buy them an Xbox, how are they going to afford to buy any games for it? I chose the tags I did because they asked for things that would likely help them spend time with their families. I like to imagine the boy having family game night with his new board game and the girl baking cookies with her mother on a sunday afternoon. Isn’t the holiday season about bringing family together in the first place? I don’t see how handing a kid a dvd/cd/video game encourages anything except for them to put on some headphones and zone out.

Anyhow, if you are so inclined, pick up a tag (or two, or three) from your local mall, walmart or grocery store and make a kid’s Christmas a little brighter. They are also doing senior angel stars now for underpriveliged seniors who for the most part seem to be asking for sweaters, blankets or books.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 4, 2009.

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