Kitty Kristmas

As I have been decorating the house inside and out a strange thing has been happening to my cat, Hootie. He absolutely goes nutty every time he sees something glittery, ribbon, lights, red or green. He has been tearing around the house since I started decorating and is in a constant state of euphoria over the whole thing. He is 2 years old, but apparently he hasn’t done Christmas before.

I think he thought I was losing my mind at first, but it’s a kind of insanity that he loves. When I dragged the tree inside and set it up, he couldn’t hold still for a second. He sniffed it and bit it and touched it and brushed up against it, then curled up under it smiling at me as if to say ‘cool idea mom, it was getting kinda chilly outside, so thanks for bringing one of the trees in for me.’ Once I started putting the lights and ornaments on, it was like frosting for him. He perched up above the tree and looked down at it, under it to see it from below and on the table to get it at eye level. Apparently he approves. Once the presents went under the tree with their ribbons and glittery tie-ons, he was in heaven. His new favorite thing is to sit on a present and peek out at me from under the tree.

My decorating hasn’t stopped at the tree, but I think that the tree is special to him because it was the first up. He likes the garlands and the lights and everything else, but he always goes back to the tree. I suppose I don’t blame him, it’s a sensory experience. It smells good, he can bite it, get all sticky under it and it sparkles. I get it. It’s probably why I am so fond of Christmas. I love everything about the holiday season, the brisk weather, warm beds, good food, the smells of those foods cooking, Christmas music and above all, I love things that sparkle.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 1, 2009.

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