Rock on

I have never understood the concept of buying rocks. I don’t mean rocks like diamonds. I understand that. I understand it real well (I am, after all, a woman). I’m talking about rocks you could pick up anywhere. In the stores they sell them to put in vases or to decorate crafts with, calling them ‘river rocks’ ‘beach rocks’ or some other nonsense. I can’t understand what kind of person buys rocks. Go to the beach or the river and pick up some rocks! Whatever happened to “if you want something done right, do it yourself”? All I can say is that if you are a buyer of these little plastic nets of rocks, you must really think your time is worth a lot. I’d like to know who the people are whose job is to harvest these beach and river rocks. Do they go out with baskets on their backs and collect them by hand? Are they bulldozed and sifted? I think these rock people are the same heinous people who decided to start selling bottled water for $1.00 (or more).

~ by accordingtoleanne on November 16, 2009.

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